The Directorate of DIMA SRL has always considered that the quality of its service was the foundation of the Company's commercial success, and therefore deemed it appropriate to establish, maintain and document a Management System for the Quality integrated with the current management system of the company, compliant with ISO 9001: 2015.

The primary objective of DIMA SRL is to guarantee customers products and services that are always compliant with the requirements of the contract, minimizing and constantly monitoring, quantities and causes of non-compliance (including complaints) and thus guaranteeing a precise and punctual service.

To ensure the application and maintenance of the requirements that make up the Quality System, the Management through the establishment of the Quality Management System, invites all the staff of DIMA SRL to participate, each for own competences, to achieve the quality objectives set in this declaration.

The Quality Management System therefore provides that everyone is trained to perform their duties properly and requires the full participation of all.

Objectives of the establishment and implementation of the Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 29990, ISO 19600:

  • provide products and services that fully meet the needs, needs and preferences of its customers;
  • guarantee full satisfaction of the requirements of ISO 29990 and ISO 19600;
  • develop, in the delivery of the service, competence and efficiency;
  • constantly monitor costs in order to maximize company profitability;
  • to continuously minimize and monitor the quantities and causes of non-compliance (including complaints) and thus guarantee a precise and timely service.
  • commitment to pursue continuous improvement also through the application of the best technologies (B.A.T. - BEST AVAILABLE TECHNIQUES).
The Management assumes the task of defining, during the periodical Management Review, short-term objectives that are measurable and consistent with the aforementioned objectives.